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Candidate zone

Among Selecta HR Clients, there are both small, local Polish companies and large, international businesses employing hundreds of people. We select candidates of lower and middle level, and candidates with experience on managerial positions. During the recruitment project, the Selecta HR consultants act as mediators between potential candidates and the employer who wants to fill the vacancy in their organization. After analysing the candidate’s CV and covering letter, we match them with profiles of Clients who could be interested in employing a person with similar qualifications. Following positive analyses, the candidate will be invited to a job interview with our consultant. During the meeting, we will verify documents, experience, language skills and those related to the position the candidate applies for.  After the meeting, our consultant will decide whether to recommend to the Client the candidate who applies for the position. After the Client meets with the candidate, the Client makes their decision and in 82% of the cases, employs the candidate directly in their company.