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Consists in quickly and effectively reaching a group of potentially suitable candidates, professionally active in the selected sector of job market.

We also undertake very difficult recruitment projects, aiming at obtaining managers with unique competences in a narrow, very precisely defined target group.

Our experience allows us to efficiently recruit to work abroad, both single employees and also groups of employees with specific skills.

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Ordering the outsourcing of the recruitment process with the Selecta HR company, you can be sure that the selection of the best candidate for the given position will be done by professionals. Main benefits from the collaboration are: 
  • Cost reduction. We take over all the costs associated with reaching candidates.
  • Remuneration for the effect. You pay when we find the proper candidate.
  • Company branding. During the recruitment, several thousand people may learn about your brand.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. We grant a financial guarantee for the recruited candidate.
  • Time savings.  A carefully selected list of ideal candidates on your desk after a few days.
  • Individual approach. We treat each project individually, regardless the size and position.
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